Peachtree Updates Adjustable Options

We have updated our adjustable downlight to present more features for our customers. Our 6BLRA offers angular adjustments to 35 degrees, a 359-degree rotational adjustment and multiple dimming and reflector options. Available in 1,000-7,500 lumen packages 3000K, 3500K or 4000K CCT 80 CRI Standard with 0-10V dimming to 1%, as well as options for Triac […]

Peachtree Enhances Sloped Ceiling Solutions

We have developed a new, cost-effective way to solve your sloped ceiling worries with our new 6BLRT Tilt Downlight. The lighting engine tilts from 0 to 35 degrees, and tilt reflector options are field changeable. It’s ideal for sloped ceiling applications, such as in schools, auditoriums, and worship centers. Available in 1,000-7,500 lumen packages 3000K, […]

2020 Downlighting Selection Guide Now Available

Peachtree Lighting’s 2020 Downlighting Selection Guide is now available. The new guide contains information about our complete downlighting solutions with our BLRD family (specification-grade downlighting) and our new ALRD (architectural illumination) and CLRD families (general purpose downlighting). A PDF copy is available to download. To request a printed copy, please contact your local agent. For […]

Architectural Downlights Deliver Dramatic Lighting

Peachtree’s new Architectural LED downlights enable dramatic lighting design. The 4ALRD, as well as the 4ALRD-IC, integrates advanced TIR optics into small apertures. With six beam angles and crisp cut offs, the downlights provide a visual punch of halogen PAR lamps along with the efficiency and long life of LED. Available in 1,000 to 3,000 […]

Peachtree Expands Offerings with General Purpose Downlights

Peachtree has expanded its downlighting offerings with a new general purpose product that delivers open, even illumination. The 4CLRD, as well as the 4CLRD-IC, is designed for projects that are driven by demanding budgets and schedules. With LED performance and traditional forms, the open CLRDs provide 1:1 spacings, even illumination and clean lines with no […]

Peachtree Adds More Decorative Options for Downlights

We added more decorative suspended glass options for our downlights. The new option includes an open round suspended etched glass, called ICE-O. Already are options for -ICE, a round glass with an etched ring and clear center and edge; -ICE-S for a solid etched round glass; and -ICE2 for a square glass with an etched […]

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