Preserving a timeless classic or creating a custom design, we’re here to help with both.

Sometimes you need a restoration or conversion to LED for luminaires that have historical and/or visual significance. Other times, an existing Peachtree Lighting product might be close to what you need for a specific project, but requires some modifications to make it perfect. In both situations, we are happy to work with you to achieve your lighting and design goals.

Restore. Upgrade. Create.

Since 1988, Peachtree Lighting has designed and manufactured the high quality architectural lighting professionals need for a variety of applications. However, more advanced technologies, lighting sources, and design styles have made many of those earlier products impractical. Our team is ready to help restore, match, or upgrade, any classic or creative project.


Special Lighting Solutions

Modern Industrials

Classic or contemporary, upgrade to our innovative industrials and pendants to light your space with the perfect style.


Highlight architecture and spaces with our flexible configurations, mounting options, custom finishes and modifications.


Improve any commercial or residential renovation project by adding modern adjustable LED recessed downlights.

Decorative Options

Special finishes, custom colors, and configurable options to enhance any environment and achieve your creative vision.

How can we help design the perfect lighting solution?

Need a special trim, color, widget or feature for an existing Peachtree product? We gladly consider any special requests. Need to retrofit a classic fixture with a new LED light source? Send us pictures of the luminaire and label inside the fixture; we can make preliminary evaluations and recommend upgrade options, even if it’s another manufacturer.

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