Our medical lighting solutions include fixtures for MRI suites constructed with durable non-ferrous materials and remote drivers, sealed components for surgical suites, and reliable technology with features that give users complete control of zones and lighting levels to address the unique challenges of healthcare settings while helping create an environment for safe procedures, accurate diagnosis, and patient comfort. We are committed to expanding our line of medical lighting to offer facility designers and managers a combination of safety, functionality, visual acuity, and energy efficiency.

Improve your environment for staff and your patient experience with lighting specifically designed for medical facilities.


In healthcare settings, visual clarity is essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Lighting designed for MRI suites and medical facilities offers uniform illumination and high-quality color rendering, enabling healthcare professionals to perceive colors and read data accurately, both important factors in the prevention of potentially serious errors.


Designed to meet strict regulations and standards, our medical lighting fixtures are powered by remote drivers and constructed with non-ferrous components, shielded to minimize electromagnetic emissions and avoid interference with the MRI equipment’s operation. This helps prevent artifacts and ensure accurate results, plus reduces the risk of accidents during imaging procedures.


Our medical lighting systems are engineered to deliver quality color and uniform illumination across the entire space. This is particularly important in suites and rooms occupied by staff and patients for extended periods of time. Special attention is given to providing a comfortable experience with adjustable lighting levels to reduce shadows and eliminate glare, conditions that contribute to eye strain and anxiety.


Weather you’re constructing a new modern facility or renovating areas to enhance the overall appeal and create optimal working conditions, the lighting you choose will be an important factor in achieving both. We designed lighting to compliment state-of-the-art environments, creating a relaxing atmosphere, and conveying the quality of care and exceptional experience patients can expect.


It’s just what the doctor ordered.

MRI Lighting


Our line of MRI products create a complete lighting system that includes a Remote Driver Panel and room filter panels, with LED downlights and wall sconces. Adjustable light levels provide a comfortable atmosphere and optimum visibility for staff and patients, while preventing electromagnetic interference. The Remote Driver Panel compliments every Peachtree MRI system with 1 or 2 zones per driver box controlling up to 8 remote LED luminaires.

Sealed Medical Downlights


Optimized to meet typical performance and specification requirements for general ambient lighting in operating rooms, emergency departments, dental treatment rooms, veterinarian clinics, and other treatment rooms.

  • IP-65 & wet location ratings
  • 1,000-5,000 lumen packages
  • 3000K, 3500K or 4000K CCT
  • Narrow, Medium, Wide and Wall Wash
  • Standard with 0-10V dimming to 1%
  • Sanitation rated to the NSF2

Behavioral Health Downlights


With no attachment points on the room side, our impact-proof and tamper-proof downlights are available for behavioral units, mental health facilities, schools, public buildings, and other potentially hazardous locations.

  • IP-65 & wet location ratings
  • 1,200-5,500 lumen packages
  • 3000K, 3500K or 4000K CCT
  • Precision formed 16 ga. galvanized steel pan
  • Trim secured with Torx Pin stainless steel fasteners


Step Nightlight

The Peachtree Step Nightlight creates subtle illumination for stairwells, bathrooms, and hallways, improving visibility and significantly increasing safety for busy facility staff and visitors. Offering a variety of faceplate options and sizes, the PSN comes in 215- and 400-lumen packages with a wet location option.


Heat Lamp

The Peachtree infrared heat lamp is essential for any healthcare facility treating muscular and rheumatic ailments. Also effective for pain relief and to promote faster healing, our heat lamp provides a reliable source of gentle, penetrating warmth to comfort patients.

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