Optical Film Distribution Now Offered on Downlights

When you need powerful optical control and a quiet, harmonious ceiling, we now feature enhanced distributions on all Peachtree downlights and cylinders.

Most of our BLR Series products (6BLRD, C9BLR, etc.) have featured an open reflector with uniform flat-field illumination (“bat wing”), suppressing central hot spots and allowing greater ceiling spacing.

With the addition of regressed lenses and optical films, we now offer narrow, medium, wide and wallwash options for 4”, 6” and 8” downlights and for 4”, 6”, 9” and 10” cylinders. The distribution options are enabled by advanced diffusion lenses that shape the light into batwing, asymmetric and elliptical light distributions.

Products with the new lenses available include:
· 4-inch Downlights in the 4BLRD family
· 5-inch Downlights in the 5BLRD family
· 6-inch Downlights in the 6BLRD and R6BLRD families
· 8-inch Downlights in the 8BLRD and R8BLRD families
· 4-inch cylinders in the C4BLR family
· 6-inch cylinders in the C6BLR family
· 9-inch cylinders in the C9BLR family
· 10-inch cylinders in the C10BLR family

We offer a wide range of lumen packages and options. Delivered lumens range from 1,200 to 9,000, and they are available with 80 or 90 CRI. Some offer wet location, dimming and various reflector options.

Complete product information, spec sheet and photometry are available on PeachtreeLighting.com.

For additional information or samples, contact us at sales@peachtreelighting.com.

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