New Remote Driver Panel Now Available

RDP Solves MRI and Maintenance Challenges

The new Peachtree Lighting Remote Driver Panel (RDP) is now available. The new panel expands your options for imaging suites and enables you to remotely mount drivers for many of our most popular products.

Peachtree designed and manufactured this self-contained, pre-wired and ready to install enclosure that easily mounts to a wall in a control room, utility room or electrical closet. It controls up to eight luminaires and is pre-wired for one or two zones per driver box.

The RDP houses up to 8 remote LED luminaires, making it ideal for:

  • MRI and Imaging suites, where ferrous materials (drivers) must be outside of shielded room;
  • High mountings and/or hard ceilings, where drivers would be inaccessible for maintenance; and
  • Use when higher temperature ceilings call for moving drivers to conditioned space.
Remote Driver Panel

The RDP is compatible with the Peachtree MRI system, expanding the number of luminaires to eight and offering additional lumen options. See the MRI Suite Lighting Solution page for complete details.

Beyond imaging suites, the RDP can be used when your application would benefit from remotely mounted drivers. Applications such as high ceiling, hard ceilings, high temperature environments, or clean rooms are often difficult and expensive to maintain when drivers need to be replaced or upgraded. With the drivers remotely mounted in the RDP, the facilities team can quickly swap drivers without even requiring a ladder.

For additional information, refer to the RDP Cut Sheet. Complete product information is available on

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