With New High-Lumen Adjustables, We’ve Got All the Angles Covered

The struggle is real when the customer has sloped ceilings, high mounting heights and needs targeted lighting. You know the spaces: auto dealerships, multi-story lobbies, escalator zones and mall corridors.

To help address these challenges, we have expanded our family of adjustable LED downlights to add 5,000 and 6,500-lumen options.

The HLRA Family includes:

  • 6″ and 8″ round apertures,
  • Delivered lumen ranges from 1,800 up to 6,500,
  • Tilt angles up to 35 degrees,
  • 359 degrees of rotation and
  • 45° medium and 20° narrow distributions.

They match our full line of LED downlights, and give you the tools to solve the most difficult lighting challenge.

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